1. Birthday

    The birthday for the first litter is coming up this friday!


  2. Having 8 piggies is amazing


  3. Om nom nom grass!


  4. guineapiglife:

    OMG Spinach!! ♥ Us piggies love this food!!! ☺☻♥ :)


    (Source: healthy-inspiration)


  5. 4guineapigs1house:

    My guinea pigs when they are older running around popcorning. There are less now, 2 went to a new home.


  6. guinea pigs older running around popcorning. there are less now, 2 went to a new home.


  7. baby (young) guinea pigs running around and popcorning


  8. Cole’s babies again, so cute ♥


  9. Cole’s babies after being born on 23rd February 2013


  10. Look what my little guinea pig Blackie accomplished ♥


  11. Moo and Fokey on the sofa


  12. Tufts cleaning her babies just minutes after they were born on 7th February 2013 ♥


  13. Tufts having a cuddle whilst feeding Fokey


  14. Moo, Fokey and Blackie shortly after being born, so cute, little wobbly legs.


  15. This is Tufts cleaning the babies after she ahd them on 7th February 2013