1. The mums. Coming up to 2 years old. Tufts and Cole. Tufts is the abyssinian on the left.


  2. Skyler. 1 year old. Female. Loves to run around, hide, and fidget. Even in her sleep!


  3. 1 year old girl Cocconutt II. The runt of the litter, the smallest, daftest, cutest piggie :) she likes to stick her tongue out


  4. One of my guinea pigs, a lovely 1 year old girl called Moo


  5. Birthday

    The birthday for the first litter is coming up this friday!


  6. Having 8 piggies is amazing


  7. Om nom nom grass!


  8. guineapiglife:

    OMG Spinach!! ♥ Us piggies love this food!!! ☺☻♥ :)


    (Source: healthy-inspiration)


  9. 4guineapigs1house:

    My guinea pigs when they are older running around popcorning. There are less now, 2 went to a new home.


  10. guinea pigs older running around popcorning. there are less now, 2 went to a new home.


  11. baby (young) guinea pigs running around and popcorning


  12. Cole’s babies again, so cute ♥


  13. Cole’s babies after being born on 23rd February 2013


  14. Look what my little guinea pig Blackie accomplished ♥


  15. Moo and Fokey on the sofa